10 Rockstar Instagrammers in Wichita

Winning at Instagram takes creativity, will-power and tenacity. Instagram is solely an aesthetic platform, meaning that posts must be eye-catching and purposeful in order to make an impact and grow a devoted following. A solid Instagram page tells a story. It has an established look and feel, a general vibe to it.
An even stronger Instagram page uses Instagram Stories! Did you know that Instagram, like its parent company Facebook, rewards early adopters? It’s true! Simply weaving in some moments out of your busy day into an Instagram Story can significantly benefit the visibility of your account. Need some inspiration on how to implement Instagram Stories into your social media strategy? Jenn Herman of Jenn’s Trends gives some excellent examples in this post.
In Wichita, KS, we have a vibrant community of Instagrammers who post about everything from protein shakes to gardens, from photography to fashion, and quite literally everything in between. In this article, I’m going to highlight ten specific accounts who slay at Instagram, day in and day out. Each account has their own clear-cut Instagram strategy, personality, "look & feel" and culture.
But Backspace Media didn’t select these fabulous accounts alone! Oh no. There was quite an amazing team who helped narrow down a robust list from the Wichita area. Special thanks to Phil Mershon of Social Media Examiner, my business partner Julie Riley, Jenn Herman of Jenn’s Trends and Jeff Sieh of Manly Pinterest Tips! After some solid collaboration, we came up with this inspiring list of rockstar Instagrammers in Wichita. Starting with a list of hundreds of accounts selected by Digital Wichita members, the judges narrowed the list down to these ten accounts who demonstrate examples of excellent Instagram best practices such as: photographic appeal, style, engagement, and consistency.
Our 10 Instagram rockstars include:
1. @igwichita: IGWichita is an account that is solely comprised of user-generated content from Instagrammers who take highly-compelling photos of sites and happenings in the Wichita area. This account does a phenomonal job of capturing and showcasing local photography talent, and gives outsiders an attractive window-seat view into Wichita culture. Engagement on the account is very high, and when you look at the page itself, it’s very much like looking at an art gallery.

2. @reverieroasters: If you’ve been to Reverie Roasters, you already know how delicious their coffee is. They have a diverse menu of caffeinated beverages, and they do a fantastic job of portraying this on their Instagram page. What else do they do well on Instagram? Well, as many of you may know, they host classes and other events quite regularly at their shop, They do a terrific job at creatively promoting these in a visually-appealing way. So yeah, they do post beautiful cliche photos of lattes, but they do so much more to engage the community! Their engagement is high and their page truly tells a story.

3. @locallegacy: If you’re not familiar with what Local Legacy is, then this is your chance to learn, and in turn appreciate their Instagram strategy. First off, did you know that Local Legacy is a program run by Legacy Bank? It’s the truth. This is a rewards program where Legacy Bank has established partners throughout the community. Bank members who hold a Local Legacy card receive rewards when they present their card to Local Legacy partner establishments. So how are they winning on Instagram? Here’s how: they have established a truly genius strategy of highlighting each partner in Instagram posts throughout the week. Each image portrays a lifestyle image from these local establishments, along with social tags and local hashtags to showcase what these partners have to offer card holders. This is a wonderful strategy for growing organic engagement as well as a devoted followership, and I’m sure it does wonders for their sales funnel!

4. @wichitarealestate: Paul and Kacey Bowen are quite the dynamic couple in the real estate world, but they’re also making an impressive mark on Wichita’s Instagram scene with their witty videos and englightening Instagram Stories presence. One specific thing that they regularly do is take snippets from their educational Facebook Live broadcasts and post them to their Instagram page, which not only lets their audience know that they have a Facebook Live presence, but also demonstrates their personality and thought-leadership in the real estate business. Their videos and posts range from adorable housing listings to how-to’s for fixing up parts of your own home. To take it one step further, their behind-the-scenes posts on Instagram Stories truly capture a day in the life for the couple.

5. @theadoredlife: Alissa has style for miles, and she does a FANTASTIC job of displaying it all on her Insta page. She does such a top-notch job on Instagram that she has a sponsorship from Old Navy! This is undoubtedly a sign that she is positively slaying. Her look & feel is bright, happy and consistent. Her captions are very well-written and bubbly, they tell her story quite wonderfully, and the engagement on her page is buzzing. Oh! More intriguing facts about Alissa: she has worked on the Instagram account for Protection 1 as well as the Instagram account for ADT!

6. @akempphotos: Andrew Kemp is quite the photography prodigy in the Wichita community. Compared to our other showcased Instagrammers, Andrew is quite young, having just graduated high school this past May! When you scroll through his Instagram page, you’d never know it. His photos consist of professional-quality images, a fascinating gallery of life in Wichita through his own eyes. Andrew has a strong following of over 9K, with soaring engagement rates. His captions are often short and to-the-point, while still successfully telling a story.

7. @blue.eyed.fish: Looking through Angela’s Instagram page feels like visiting a clothing boutique! Her style is fresh, her posts are bright and very appealing. Her captions are highly sophisticated, and her audience is quite devoted to her. Angela manages Instagram for several brands/businesses as well, so she is no novice to Instagram strategy. Angela also does a brilliant job of remembering to keep the link in her bio fresh, in order to lead her followers to the online listing of whichever clothing item she is featuring on a given day.

8. @eventsanddesignbyashley: With a whimsical style, Ashley demonstrates her event planning and design proficiency. Her page is clean and colorful, with a nostalgic touch to it as she highlights event details and magical moments that occur in the midst of her events. By showcasing these tiny details, she portrays to her audience that she will deliver with excellence.

9. @themonarchwichita: Everyone loves the bar where when you walk in everyone knows your name. While scrolling through The Monarch’s page, this truly is the vibe a peruser might get. The Monarch captures not only moments that take place in their bar, but also moments from events that they proudly sponsor. They do a lot throughout the Wichita community, and it really does shine through in not only the posts on their page, but also in the amount of engagement they receive on their posts. Sure, everyone likes a good drink special, but The Monarch’s Insta page is about so much more than that!

10. @wichitaflag: One thing that our city has that not many other cities do have is city flag pride! What’s more? Wichita’s flag is pretty dang amazing when it comes to aesthetics. Within the past couple of years, a movement revolving around our flag has taken flight in a huge way, with murals and pieces of flag art found in random nooks and crannies all over our city. This account is run by the Wichita Regional Chamber of Commerce, and does an incredible job of showcasing Wichita’s "flag pride." From user-generated content to flag swag giveaway contests, this account is thriving with excellent demonstrations of people wearing the flag, displays of flag art, and even people playing with Wichita flag fidget spinners.

Needless to say, Wichita knows how to use Instagram, and above is a wonderful sample of the talent that we have in our amazing city.
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