3 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Stories

Why Your Brand Should Use Stories

When it comes to social media strategy these days, the amount of content creation options and avenues can be overwhelming.

“Should I be creating video? If so where should I be posting it? Does it need to go on all of my social platforms? How often should I post on my Instagram feed? When should I be posting? Do GIF’s perform better in the morning or the night?”

There are a MILLION things to be mindful of when it comes to content creation and where/when to post things. But, it all really boils down to one thing: What resonates most with your audience, and on which platforms?

As stated by Carlos Gil last year at the Internet Summit Conference, “Instagram Stories are the new newsfeed and are more important.”

  What would compel Carlos to present this idea to a large crowd with such conviction? The answer is simply this: an innovative mind willing to test what works and resonates with his own social media experience, as well as data to back up the fact that others feel the same way.

Ok. So first off, let’s talk about what Instagram Stories actually are! It’s plain and simple, really. Instagram Stories are fun little mini-posts that show up at the top of the feed on Instagram.

Location of Instagram Stories
Instagram Stories are located at the very top of your Instagram feed.

Stories are highly-engaging, consecutive posts made by an Instagram account. These posts can be utilized to convey many types of story-telling content:

  • Day-to-day routines
  • Behind-the-scenes
  • Photoshoot setups
  • Restaurant Specials for the day
  • Step-by-step DIY

So why should your brand be spending time on Instagram Stories? Let me break it down for you with three simple reasons:

Build connection to your brand! When your brand takes the time to share with your community several times throughout the day, it depicts your culture in a clearer way. When people know what you’re doing throughout the day, they naturally feel more invested in the brand. The bond deepens. They feel like they’re truly in-the-know.

Use Instagram Stories to show your behind-the-scenes activities!
Use Instagram Stories to show your behind-the-scenes activities!


In this story, I was booking guests for Depict Media’s Friday Facebook Live show, #DEPICTTHIS. Guests don’t just show up magically, they need to be planned out and to go through our booking process. This is a facet to our company that folks are less familiar with, so it not only showed our behind-the-scenes perspective, but it also invited people who were interested in being a guest to reach out to us.

Build trust in your brand! When creating an Instagram Story, there are many features that you can add to a piece to make it more engaging for your audience members. Here are a few options:

  • Polls
  • Ask a Question
  • Ask the audience to ask YOU a question
  • Make a short educational video
  • Boomerang video
  • Gauge your audience’s interest in a topic
  • … and so much more!
Ask Your Audience their opinion
Use Instagram Stories to find out their opinion on a topic!

In the Story above, I’m simply asking my own audience how they feel about blog-writing. Is it easy for them? As an individual who writes often, I know that sometimes blogging ain’t easy. I also know that many members of my audience are going to relate directly to this topic. By suggesting that blogging life ain’t always easy, I’m showing my audience that I might also struggle with it from time-to-time. Since some audience members will be able to empathize with this feeling, it may invite them to view me as more approachable and transparent. This builds trust.

Build brand affinity! Making your Stories fun, engaging, and relate-able to your audience will add a whole new dimension to your social media strategy. It will invite your followers to interact directly with your brand! This is something that no brand should take for granted. When you create a fun experience with your tribe, you attract them to come back over and over again. This builds brand affinity.

Sure, adding a Story strategy into your social media marketing plan is going to consume a decent amount of time. However, when you stand back and consider the connection, trust, and brand affinity that you can potentially gain from it, you may see that it’s all worth it.

We gathered some info from our community about utilizing Instagram Stories in their own strategies. It was fun to see some of the feedback! Here’s what our community said:

“It is a ton of work but we make the appropriate time for it and it ALWAYS is worth that time and effort! 💯✅” – Andy McFayden of WSU Tech

Mandy Fouse of WSU Tech added: “We primarily use it for events. Keep the excitement of the day and share what is going on without annoying everyone.”

“Absolutely! (I use it for interaction and connection with my community.” – Stephanie Gray Martin

“Sure do! Polls!” – Kerra AuCoin Mansfield

“I share stories that are mostly good based. We have an in store bakery. I wish I could remember to do them daily.” -Sharon Munyak of Hobby Hill Farm

“I do. It’s a quick and easy way to keep in touch with my tribe. Whether it’s a silly post or a short video, it’s just real easy.” – Mark Madden of M & M Sharpening Services

It’s fascinating to see all of the different ways the members of the Depict Media community are using Instagram Stories! Are you currently using them for your own brand? Why or why not? We’d LOVE to know!

If you have questions about how to make Stories work for your brand, give us a shout! We’d love to work with you to develop a strong Stories strategy.

As always, thanks for reading! -Jen

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