3 Tips for Broadcasting Live

Broadcasting live can seem hugely intimidating at first. Am I right? It’s awkward, you’re not sure how to hold the camera/phone, you’re worried about (eek) awkward silences where your brain might freeze up, etc. Yes, it can be quite terrifying! But you know what? If you look past these things and just pretend you’re talking to your friend’s face, it will certainly be to your benefit.
I’ve put together a handy-dandy list of tips that can help inspire you to rip off that scary tape and start reaping some benefits. But before we get to that, check out this (completely impromptu) Facebook Live broadcast I recently did with a potential client:
Sure, the quality isn’t very refined and it was certainly off-the-cuff, but tell me seriously…was it enjoyable to you to see some of the behind-the-scenes stuff with Backspace Media?
I could go on all day long about why broadcasting live can benefit you business, but that’s a topic for another day. Today is all about the tips on how to make it less intimidating. So with that, here are my three tips:
1. Talking Points
How do you avoid air in the conversation, especially when the conversation is mostly with yourself? Plan ahead! Make a list of talking points and keep them visible during your broadcast. This will help to keep everything organized and focused. Yes, tangents are fine to a certain degree, but having a plan is always a great idea.
Also, pay attention to the comments area during your broadcast! These can be great not only for adding quality points to your current broadcast, but you can also later turn these questions into blog topics! (We all like conserving time, right?) Any question that is asked in your live broadcast is most likely a question that many of your followers/viewers also have! Leverage this opportunity (and save time from having to brainstorm) and elaborate on these answers in a blog post. Your followers will get a lot out of it and really appreciate it. It’s a solid way to really solidify that connection.
2. Scheduled Times
"How do I know anyone will actually watch my broadcast?" Ok, here’s the thing.
Don’t worry about that!!
Like I mentioned above, pretend that you’re really talking to your friend’s face. Pay no mind to the camera, or to how many people are currently viewing. Just put out that sweet, sweet content and leave the content there for people to see later. (Also, make sure you download any live broadcast to your device once the session is over so that you can then use the video for content re-purposing, as I did above!)
Make a schedule, just like any other TV show or podcast. When you do this, you allow your followers/viewers to develop a habit of watching you at the same time every week. Make sure to post reminders a couple of days before your session so that people might make it a point to tune in. People love predictability and structure. Use that to your own advantage!
3. Q&A Time
How can you truly add more value to the experience for your followers (as well as yourself?) Allow for question and answer time! Your viewers will LOVE the personal touch that this adds, and it will genuinely build your brand’s connection with them. What better way to get to know your own target demographic than to have real-life conversations with them? Take their questions as a learning experience for yourself too! They might have questions that you never even considered before, but this can be very good intel for you as a business owner to get to know your fans better. It’s a wonderful personal touch and it truly brings your brand to life.
Live Broadcasting honestly can be beneficial (and even fun) for you and your brand. Put yourself out there, have a good time with it, and I guarantee you…the more you do it, the better you’ll get at it!
I’d love to see YOUR broadcasts! If you make sure to reach out to me, whether it be a direct message on social media or an email, please let me know so that I can! I’d love to share the experience with you.

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