4 Little-Known Functions of Facebook Messenger

functions of Facebook messenger

Are you an avid Facebook Messenger user?

Facebook Messenger is an app developed by Facebook for the sole purpose of direct messaging with the individuals that you’re connected to on Facebook. With 1.3 billion active users (and 20 million pages) worldwide utilizing the app on a daily basis, the odds of being able to hash out last-minute details for lunch meetings and other logistical circumstances are quite great!

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If you aren’t already using this amazing little messaging platform, you’ll most likely be excited to try it out after this piece.

There are some really neat things that you can do on Messenger…some of them are very productive… some of them are just plain fun. The sole purpose of this article is to help educate on some of the amazing features that aren’t quite as well-known on the app. Ready to dive in? Let’s go!

So, here are 4 cool things that you may not have realized about the Messenger app (all on desktop, some on mobile:)

1. Audio Messaging (mobile and desktop): For those who don’t like to take the time to type out their messages, this function can be very helpful. All you have to do to execute the audio message is to hold down the microphone icon on the bottom of the screen and record your message. When you’re done, press the paper airplane icon to send!

2. Video Calling (mobile and desktop): Calling all those Android users who hate that they don’t have FaceTime ~ we can chat face-to-face via Facebook Messenger! First off, click into the Facebook contact that you wish to call. Then, look up at the top right corner of your screen to the video camera icon. Click the icon, then you will be politely guided by the app itself to make your video call. This is great for business productivity, or even for personal use! (you don’t have to worry about long distance fees, btw)

3. Sending Money (mobile and desktop:) Friends like to do things together, and sometimes when you buy tickets to games, concerts and the like, you all want to sit together…meaning that there needs to be one sole purchaser of tickets. So how do you promptly pay someone back? Sure, Venmo is great and everything…but if both parties are on Facebook, why not utilize this incredibly convenient and just-as-secure feature? It’s easy to use, and it can be done either by debit card or PayPal. (Please note: this is only available for users in the United States)

4. Group Messaging: Need to do some planning with a group of people who all happen to have Facebook accounts? Why not do all of your planning in a group message in Messenger? This is very handy on the go, and is easy to mute if you’re too busy at the moment to look at what’s happening in the thread. Group messages can also have titles and theme colors to make it easier to distinguish.

It’s amazing how easily communication can be done while we’re on-the-go these days, isn’t it? While there are numerous other messaging apps out there, Messenger is pretty amazing since most people that we know have active Facebook accounts.

How are you using Facebook Messenger?

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