4 Reasons Why Meaningful Conversation is Crucial

meaningful conversation

Can you remember what the original reason was for opening your first social media profile?

Was the original purpose of your being on social media to be advertised to?

Most likely the whole purpose of this endeavor was to stay connected and regularly engaged with friends, family members and colleagues. As marketers, many of us have kind of lost sight of this goal, and we’ve shifted our focus to page likes and meaningful leads. It’s time to step away from the “promote page” button right now and rethink our strategies.

What is a “page like” really worth to you anyway? Think about this…if you’re buying likes, whether it be on Twitter, Instagram or any other channel, chances are you’re buying a millisecond of attention from individuals who don’t genuinely identify with your brand at all. They just hit the “like” button and went on about their day, most likely never to return. Now…hold that thought, and let’s examine for a few minutes how social media algorithms work.

Recently, no matter which social media platform you’re hanging out on, there’s an algorithm. Similar to, wait… no exactly like Google, these algorithms reward destinations that are truly worthy of the end-user’s time. If your Instagram page is truly stunning and you’re receiving tons of unsolicited likes and comments, then your Instagram account is going to rank higher in the algorithm, hence your content will be organically shown to more and more people. If your Instagram page is dull and overly-promotional, chances are you’ll receive minimal organic likes and few positive (if any) comments at all.

Soo…with all of that in mind, you can see a basic idea of why fostering meaningful conversations on your social media channels is important, right?

Well, in case you still aren’t convinced, here are four rock-solid reasons on why these meaningful conversations are so important:

1. THE ALGORITHMS (it can’t be stated enough) If you aren’t being ranked highly by the algorithms on the different social media channels, then you’ll eventually be basically invisible. You HAVE to create and share valuable pieces of content with your community in order for them to engage with you, thus making you show up more organically in people’s feeds. Sure, you can always boost posts (and that’s often not a bad idea at all,) but don’t you want people to naturally identify with your content?

Which leads us to the next reason why meaningful conversations are important on your social media profiles…

2. You Will Appear Approachable

When you can create content that people naturally gravitate toward, you’re showing that you know how your people tick. You appear to be more approachable.

How do you know if people are truly enjoying your content?

They’ll engage with it! They’ll like your posts, they’ll leave comments, they’ll share their own experiences… they’ll even SHARE your posts!

How can you do this?

  • Host a Twitter chat!
  • Host a regular Facebook Live show!
  • Utilize Instagram Stories to show some behind-the-scenes footage of your brand culture!
  • Ask open-ended questions in your social media captions!

When you appear approachable as a brand, you’re breaking down some serious barriers between you and your potential clients/customers. People typically buy from brands/individuals that they like, know and trust, so if you can establish enough credibility and approach-ability, you’ll end up with some insanely loyal clients. All stemming from your own stellar social media presence.

3. You’ll Attract Long-Term Fans of Your Brand!

What’s one of the coolest things that can result from having fans that believe in you and trust you as a brand? The answer is simple: Life-long commitment!

Think about the time it takes for you to make a few meaningful Facebook posts and comments throughout the week. Then, think about the lifetime value of your typical customer.

Boom. This should explain itself. Time is money, friends.

4. Word of Mouth Referrals!

If you take the time out of your day to have real conversations with the people who are regularly engaged with your page, and in turn graduating them into clients, then life-long fans, can you imagine what they might be saying about your brand behind your back?

That’s right… word of mouth is still a thing. And people LOOOOVE to proclaim their wonderful experiences with brands, just like they LOOOVE to proclaim their negative ones. Keeping this in mind; can you imagine the butterfly effect of consistently being approachable, genuine and transparent with your online community? The benefits of these things could potentially be off the charts for you, all stemming from meaningful conversations on your social media platforms.

But how do you keep up with all those conversations?

That’s a good question. If you’re focused on just one or two social platforms, you can monitor those platforms via desktop and mobile app fairly easily. Just be sure to have time set aside each day to check in and engage with your audience.

Once you find yourself using 3 or more platforms, it’s time to get some help. Here at depICT Media, we’ve fallen in love with Agorapulse as our preferred and recommended social media management tool.

Whether we’re in the office or on the go, we can use Agorapulse to pay attention to what our audience is saying on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube! (And we’re told that LinkedIn is coming soon!)

Better yet, all of that conversation is streamlined into an easy-to-use Inbox so we only have one place to go to see all our mentions and replies and direct messages on Twitter, or the comments & discussion our Facebook posts are getting.

Not to mention the fact that, as a social media agency, we now have a powerful tool that gives us the capability to monitor multiple social profiles for multiple client accounts with ease.

Once you’ve connected your social networks, Agorapulse will begin syncing and monitoring your activity and engagement immediately. You can then set up saved searches within specific profiles, like Twitter, to see when there are conversations taking place that you might want to get involved in!

This will make engaging with your audience and having meaningful conversations a snap.

The end-user is always a human, folks. Treat your social channels as you’d treat your own living room at a party you’re hosting. You won’t be sorry!

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