4 Ways to Boost Organic Reach

4 ways to boost your organic reach

Do you often wonder if there is a way to make your social media content more visible and engaging for your audience?

Much of the time, when people think about social media marketing, they think about the money that they’ll need to spend to make it successful. Sure, adding an ad budget to your social media strategy can expand your reach by leaps and bounds, but it doesn’t necessarily have to cost a bundle to grow your reach on social media!

In this blog post, we’re going to go over some simple steps that you can take to help build your social media audiences without having to put money behind every single post.

1. Be Engaging! When followers find your content to be helpful and inspiring, they have a higher tendency to interact with your posts. What inspires your audience? What do they find to be funny and helpful at the same time?

It’s important to remember that your social media channels need to portray a personality…don’t keep them drab and monotonous! Bring value to your audience, answer the questions that you already know they frequently want answers to.

Content should be conversational, as if you’re having a chat with someone over coffee or evening drinks. Don’t overthink it! If you take the time to know your audience, you’ll be able to answer their questions, thus providing them with the content that they already crave.

Here’s something that not a lot of people understand about how social media algorithms work: the faster that your post starts getting likes, comments and shares, the more “social proof” your post receives in the eyes of the algorithm. What does this mean, simply put? The faster people start to engage with your content, the more people the post will show up for without having to put an ad budget on it. The easiest translation: POST GREAT CONTENT, GET MORE ENGAGEMENT, THUS A HIGHER REACH.

Social media platforms are continuously trying to keep the user experience fun and engaging for people in order to entice people to spend more time on the social platforms themselves. So when people are organically engaging with your social content, the platform itself (i.e. Facebook, or Twitter) sees your post as “worthy-of-attention,” and in turn continues to show it to more and more people.

2. Optimize Facebook audiences! Sure, this one is Facebook-specific, but then again, Facebook is one of the toughest channels to be visible on without spending money. By optimizing your audience, you’re giving Facebook a clearer idea of who you know would find your content to be valuable. By adding definitive targeting to your posts, it simplifies the process for the algorithm itself, and encourages the platform to show your post to those individuals who will be most likely to engage with your post.

So how do you do this? Let me show you:

First off, you need to go into your page Settings. stay under the “General” tab, and click on “Audience Optimization for Posts.”

Switch it to the option that allows you to enable optimization, then click “save.”

After you do this, you will now be able to target each individual post from your Facebook Page. Now here’s how you go about doing this:

Select a post that you’d like to optimize the audience for to use as practice. Once you’ve done that, look for the little target icon beneath the post.

Click on the compass icon, circled above, and you will be lead to a space where you can enter in topics that your target audience is most interested in, that also relates to the subject of your Facebook post. Don’t be misleading with your tags, this will actually bring you down in the eyes of the algorithm. (You don’t want to be that person, anyway!) The image below shows the actual topics I chose to use to optimize the above Facebook post on DepICT Media’s Facebook Page:

After you’ve picked your topics, simply hit save, then publish and you’re set to go!

So how do you take this optimization concept and carry it over on other channels? HASHTAGS!


Next tip:

3. Broadcast Live! Sure, broadcasting live on your social media channels can seem intimidating and uncomfortable. And it is! (At first!)

However, the impact that regular and engaging live broadcasts can have on your overall reach is astronomical! What better way is there to truly connect with your fans and have a real-time conversation, besides in-person?!

So the next issue is this: What do you broadcast about? This is a looming question for many people who are seriously entertaining the idea but haven’t quite gotten to the stage of pushing the button yet. But think about this: what does your audience constantly want to know more about with your business? Maybe you interview a different staff member every week about their position and passion for what they do! Let’s say you’re an accountant: Do weekly broadcasts based on items that your clients overlook the most in their tax preparations, or issues that they typically have with their finances.

It’s just like I mentioned in the very first point; you want to give them content that sparks their interest, and might even inspire more questions. (which are wonderful for live broadcasts!) When these real-time caveats occur during your live broadcasts, make time to address them and take a brief tangent from your topic. This engages the audience even further and shows them that you value their curiosity.

And one more thing: the more you do it, the easier it gets! (So just push the button and go!)

4. Engage! I say it all the time, but it’s important to note that social media is meant to be social. Want to build visibility for your brand? Like posts! Leave comments!

This builds community. Sure, it might seem minute and it might take awhile to start seeing the benefits…but when those social media engagements start turning into live, in-person conversations, then community relationships/partnerships…THAT’S when you can look back and realize that every little “thumbs up” counts. (But comments count more…just so you know!)

One thing that is typically easy to do is to constantly post stuff about your own brand. Tell me this: who gets annoyed by people that talk too much about themselves? (most people do get annoyed by this) Don’t be that brand!

Share posts from other pages that your audience will appreciate! Make appropriate tags and make sure that you’re giving credit where it’s due.

What happens when you get tagged in a post on any of your own social media channels? That’s right: you get a notification. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that there are actual human beings running these other social media accounts….but guess what: they get notifications when you tag them too! (See? It works both ways!)

Taking the time to engage with other brands and accounts on social channels really can go far, so don’t put it on the back-burner. Every like, comment and share that you award someone will result in more eyeballs on your own account. This is not to be taken lightly.

Organic reach doesn’t have to be the unattainable beast that it’s made out to be. If you truly take the time to optimize and engage on your social channels, the benefits will present themselves over and over again.

Do you have more tips/comments to add to this topic? Leave them in the comment section below!

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