5 Ways to Keep the Social Love Flowing

Keep The Social Love Flowing

Building a loyal community online via your social media channels doesn’t have to be as tough as it sounds! Just like any other community, your social community requires much nurturing.

Think about this: when you’re a part of a group of friends, or even a professional organization/association, you’re better-remembered when you actually take the time to talk to and interact with the other people who are present. Unless you’re the fly on the wall with purple hair and bright red lipstick, you’re most likely going to be overlooked due to your lack of engagement.

The same thing goes in your online community! When you consistently make yourself heard and then nurture the conversations, you naturally become more visible to people.

In this blog post, I’m going to give you 5 ways to “keep the social love flowing.” Let’s get started!

1. Post regularly! It’s important to develop a plan for how often you want to post on each of the platforms that you’re on. On Facebook it’s acceptable (and halfways expected) to at least post one time a day. On Twitter, it’s quite normal to post 3-5 times a day. On Instagram a cadence of 1-2 posts a day is pretty typical. If you’re brand is on Snapchat, GO FOR IT!

When you’re talking about frequency for stories, whether it be Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook, think about what your audience would sincerely be interested in experiencing with you. NOTE: You can still “overshare{” in Stories!

Something very valuable that I’ve learned from Mike Stelzner, Founder of Social Media Examiner, is that the quantity of posts isn’t really what’s important; it’s the QUALITY. In other words: DON’T POST CRAP. Think about what your audience responds to the most on each platform and continue to share that type of content. Test new things now and then. But don’t. Post. CRAP.

2. Have unique strategies for each platform! Here’s the deal, guys. If you’re going to “be” on a social media platform, then actually BE there. I’ve said this many times in my live broadcasts, and I will say it til I croak: DON’T SYNC ACCOUNTS!

You’ll see some accounts who obviously have their Twitter accounts synced to their Facebook accounts, and when you visit their Twitter feed you’ll see fb.me links aallllll the way down their feeds. Unless they’ve done the same with their Instagram account too, then you will a less-than-satisfying mix of fb.me and instagram.com links that force you to click thru on them to actually see ANY kind of context for the post. DON’T BE THIS GUY.

Have a different plan for each platform, keeping in mind the demo of each as well as the nature of the platforms. Here is a breakdown for Facebook, Insta, Twitter and Snap:

Facebook: this platform houses everyone and your Grandma (and her friends.) Facebook is often a place where people go to research the hours of your business, the location of your business, reviews on your business and stay engaged with your business.

3. Ulitize Video Replies on Twitter! Ok guys, this is something kinda new to me, but it makes tweeting that much more personal! Madalyn Sklar recently started a new movement called #videoreplyday, and I have to say, it’s ultra-addicting and the community resulting from it is un-matched. If you aren’t already participating in this twitter conversation, I highly suggest it. (If you want me to invite you into it, let me know… although an invitation is certainly not required!)

Sure, some people may be a little less comfortable with making a video reply than others, but here’s one thing to remember: Maybe you don’t like the sound of your voice or the way you look on camera. But here’s the deal: People see you just as you are every single day. In real life. So ignore the device and talk to the people on the other side of it! Video responses are so much more personal than a simple tweet. Give it a try! (and make it a habit) You won’t be sorry.

4. Broadcast Live! One of the best ways to stay in touch (in real time) with your online community is to broadcast live. Whether it’s Instagram Live, Facebook Live or Periscope on Twitter, it’s the ultimate way to have real-life conversations with your most devoted fans.

One hesitation that you might experience is the vulnerability that this presents for your brand. Sure, you’re on the spot. But this makes you out to be so much more transparent than the competition! This also allows you to get to know your fans on a more personal level because as you broadcast, they will comment with their own thoughts, and real conversations will unfold if you pay attention to them and address them. As Brian Fanzo puts it, “Push the damn button!”

5. Cultivate a Facebook Group for your brand! If you want to take things to a more focused and confined space for your community, create a Facebook Group! This will allow your community to freely interact with each other as well as you as a brand.

Members of the group can discuss topics about your brand, questions about your products, troubleshooting topics, and all sort of other things. In addition to this, you will be able to stay engaged with all of them in a more intimate atmosphere.

You can learn a lot more about the functions and specifics of Facebook Groups in this article by Create If Writing.

There are many more ways to keep the social love flowing on your social channels, but the truth is all you really need to do is stay engaged with them. Treat each community as an individual group, speak their language, and post content that will resonate with them. Be true, be authentic and be transparent. STAY HUMAN.

And as always, thank you so much for reading the Backspace Blog! If you have additional thoughts or comments, please leave them in the coment section below. And as always, thank you for reading! -Jen

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