6 Reasons We Can’t Stop Talking About Social Media Day

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Social Media Day Wichita is only a few weeks away, and Julie and I simply CAN NOT stop talking about it! (as the title of the post suggests)

Digital Wichita is putting together another phenomenal event this year, but it’s going to be different (and even better) than ever before. So what is it that makes this year’s even so thrilling?

THE SPEAKER LINEUP! We are bringing to Wichita a phenomenal lineup of SIX inspirational speakers, who are known all over the world for their expertise in their specific areas of social media marketing. Social Media Marketing encompasses so many different kinds of topics. and as many of you know, being completely knowledgeable about every facet of social media is simply not possible. So who are these amazing individuals coming to Wichita to teach us all day long on June 27th? Let’s break them down:

First off, we have Joel Comm, from Denver Colorado. Joel Comm is well-versed in Disruptive Technologies such as Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, but he’s also an avid live-streamer, keynote speaker and author. Joel and Travis Wright will be leading a workshop in the morning at Social Media Day to talk about The Basics of Bitcoin and more. Coincidentally (and very timely,) Joel very recently released his brand new book

The Fun Formula,
which is the very topic that he’ll be covering in his afternoon session at Social Media Day Wichita.

Next up, we have the one, the only, Brian “press the damn button” Fanzo making his very first appearance in our fine city. Brian is a self-proclaimed “change evangelist” and speaks all over the world about having a flexible and open mindset to change and growth. Brian is a constant early adopter and advocate for new technologies and is also host of the FOMO Fanz and SMACtalk podcasts. On Social Media Day Brian will be leading a morning workshop about Brand Storytelling alongside the amazing Amy Landino, and then in the afternoon Brian will be giving a talk about how limitations actually inspire creativity and why it’s important to embrace social media algorithms. Brian inspires me everyday and truly changed my fear of live-streaming by simply encouraging the world to get over the fairy tale of perfection and “press the damn button!”

As mentioned above, we also have the lovely and highly-knowledgeable Amy Landino gracing us with her presence! Amy is the author of the incredibly motivating book Vlog Like a Boss and Co-Founder of Aftermarq. She also produces massive amounts of high-quality, educational videos on her YouTube channel about how to create excellent videos, personal branding, and why video marketing is so important to brands. In addition to the workshop she’ll be leading with Brian on June 27th, she’ll also be heading a session in the afternoon about how the best vloggers have made themselves so successful and why it works for them.

If you’re wanting to truly dive into the mystery that is Facebook Advertising, then you will not want to miss the fact that Dennis Yu, CTO at BlitzMetrics, will be here to enlighten us all! Dennis knows the ins and outs of everything that has to do with Facebook Ads, and it’s going to be so amazing to have him and his team here to help us learn more about how to make these ads work for our businesses. Dennis will be leading a workshop in the morning at Social Media Day Wichita that will be a deep-dive into Facebook ad strategy. In the afternoon, he will be talking about how to get measurable results from Facebook ads by spending a dollar a day.

Chris Strub was the FIRST PERSON to Snapchat in all 50 states, and he’s done some phenomenal content creation on his tours across the country to support and highlight several amazing nonprofit organizations! Chris is the Founder of I Am Here, LLC as well as the host of his brand new show Nonprofit Spotlight that airs on his Facebook page every Monday at 4pm EST. Chris has published two books that beautifully document his social good tours, 50 States, 100 Days and Fight For Good Tour: The Book. Chris will be giving an in-depth and interactive dive into social media marketing for nonprofits the morning of June 27th at Social Media Day Wichita, and that afternoon he will be giving a lively (and also interactive) talk about the power of storytelling thru Instagram Stories and Snapchat. Hang on tight!

Travis Wright is a brilliant mind that will be coming to us from the beautiful city of Kansas City, MO! Travis co-hosts the Bad Crypto Podcast with Joel Comm (if you remember, Joel is also one of our SMDAYICT speakers,) and Travis is also the author of Digital Sense. As mentioned above, Travis and Joel will be leading a highly-informative morning workshop about how to use cryptocurrency for fun. In he afternoon, Travis will be further educating us all in the afternoon about the mystery that is emerging tech and trends. Be ready to learn some very helpful things from Mr. Travis Wright!

We hope that all of you will join us for a fun and enjoyable day of learning at Social Media Day Wichita! Early bird tickets are still available thru June 15th, so make sure that you go snag those up before the rate increases. All-Day tickets include the morning workshops, lunch, the afternoon sessions, a drink ticket and access to the after party with DJ Carbon!

Can’t stay all day? That’s cool! There is an option to attend only the afternoon portion, which still includes access to our food truck lunch (dutch treat,) a drink ticket and access to the after party!
Come join the fun, you will not regret it. Please be sure to DM us if you have any questions! -Jen

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