Be a Social Monitoring Rockstar!

be a social monitoring rockstar

Staying on top of your social media presence is especially important for brands because it tells your fans a lot about you, not only as a brand, but as a human business owner. Your social media channels are practically your digital frontline, so it’s powerful stuff to demonstrate to current and potential fans that you’re responsive and approachable.

One of the most important things that social media managers need to remember to do is to engage back with people when they engage with your social media content. (This is a task many social media managers know as “monitoring.”) Sure, it does take an extra chunk of time out of your day, but what you’re doing for your audience when you do this is something that every human should do in any relationship they’re trying to nurture!

So what exactly is social media monitoring, and why is it so important?

I’ll just start with defining what it is to DEPICT Media. At DEPICT Media, we believe in keeping the human element strongly tied to our social media strategy, as well as to those of our clients. When we “listen” to our social media channels, we are actively looking through comments on our page, reviews, Twitter mentions, likes, and direct messages.

When Julie and I talk to people out in our community, one of the pain points that we hear about often when it comes to managing social media is the “constant monitoring” that is imperative to have a strong social media presence.

I mean, it’s the truth: fostering meaningful conversations on social media channels does take time, focus and dedication. Just like any other relationship that you nurture throughout your life, your relationship with your fan base is just as reliant on your attention and willingness to be accessible.

Social media channels do tend to be quite a challenge in and of themselves simply because it’s not necessarily a back-and-forth conversation that you’re holding with one singular individual, it’s many back-and-forth conversations that you’re holding with many people with different perspectives. And when these individuals take the time to comment on your content and express their own perspectives on topics having to do with your brand, you do owe it to them to take time to engage back with them.

In order to stay on top of the overwhelming amount of social love you get from your fans, it’s smart to use a social listening tool, such as Agorapulse! Julie and I can’t say enough wonderful things about this tool, because as many of you know, we’re always on the go.

Let me give you a rundown of what this looks like, so that you can get a glimpse of how easy Agorapulse makes things for social media managers! Take a look at this dashboard:

What you are seeing in the screenshot above is a column of comments that are left on our Facebook page on different post that we’ve made. This is also where you can access direct messages to your page as well. What’s even more cool? You can “like” and comment back directly from this dashboard, making it super easy to engage with your community.

So how does it look for Twitter then? Let me show you!

In this screenshot, I’ve captured tweets about Depict Media that other people have made via the “Listening” column, underlined in orange at the top center of the image. Again, you can “like” the tweet, retweet it, or event tweet reply back. So easy, and time-saving! If you simply take about 20 minutes out of your morning and then again in your afternoon to do this, you will notice that more people are engaging with you because you look ALIVE on social!

Like we always say, if you’re going to be present on a social channel, you need to BE PRESENT. Social media is meant to be social, so engage with the people who are genuinely engaging with you already.

Ope! And did I mention that we have a special code that will get you two months for FREE on Agorapulse? Just use this: depict2free

Happy monitoring! -Jen

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