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5 favorite social media tools

Our 5 Favorite Tools to Work Smarter

Remember the iPhone commercial years ago that said, “There’s an app for that”? Well, when it comes to working smarter, we say there’s a tool for that. And that’s because for almost anything you need to do, there’s probably a tool to help you do it faster, better, and easier. In other words, smarter.

We could make a list of our 100 favorite tools, but like the world of online tools, it would be overwhelming. And nobody wants that! So, we’ll just start with our five favorites. Continue reading “Our 5 Favorite Tools to Work Smarter”

messenger marketing

Messenger Marketing: Engage While You Sleep!

Let’s face it, social media engagement should be at the top of your digital marketing priority list if it isn’t already. Why is this, you ask? The answer is simply because your community expects you to be. They crave to know more about you, and the more content and interaction you give them, the more valuable you are to them and the stronger your connection to them will grow. Continue reading “Messenger Marketing: Engage While You Sleep!”

be a social monitoring rockstar

Be a Social Monitoring Rockstar!

Staying on top of your social media presence is especially important for brands because it tells your fans a lot about you, not only as a brand, but as a human business owner. Your social media channels are practically your digital frontline, so it’s powerful stuff to demonstrate to current and potential fans that you’re responsive and approachable.

One of the most important things that social media managers need to remember to do is to engage back with people when they engage with your social media content. (This is a task many social media managers know as “monitoring.”) Sure, it does take an extra chunk of time out of your day, but what you’re doing for your audience when you do this is something that every human should do in any relationship they’re trying to nurture! Continue reading “Be a Social Monitoring Rockstar!”

social media for events

Social On The Go

At DepICT Media, we manage a large amount of social media strategy and content creation for local events.

For those of you who don’t have experience in the event world, one thing you must understand is that time NEVER stands still, and the event is coming whether your bases are completely covered or not. Continue reading “Social On The Go”

what the hashtag

What The Hashtag?

Social Media Marketing has been around for a long time already, but the “hashtag” still remains quite a mystery to many brands, businesses, and individuals. While hashtags can be a very powerful tool for a social media marketing strategy, it’s very important to understand how and why they work. Continue reading “What The Hashtag?”

how does your brand innovate

How Do You Innovate to Break Through the Noise?

Social Media Marketing isn’t the only industry that changes every single day. As business owners in general, it’s important to be able to know how to stand out from your competition and truly “wow” your customers and potential fans.

Sure, keeping an eye on what the competition is doing is one of the smartest ways to stay on top of your own marketing efforts, but it shouldn’t boil down to that alone. Your audience is different, your culture is different, and your voice sure better be different as well. Continue reading “How Do You Innovate to Break Through the Noise?”

tight-knit facebook community

Facebook to Reward Pages with Tight-Knit Communities

The days of striving for “likes” on our Facebook posts is essentially over. (Hopefully, “likes” are not the only thing you’ve been striving for this whole time though, right?)

Late last week Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, made an announcement basically stating that likes on a post will no longer be given as much weight when it comes to boosting a post in the eyes of the Facebook algorithm. Nope, it’s going to require quite a bit more engagement for users to see your posts. (But don’t worry, this will be rolling out of the next few months…there’s plenty of time to get some practice in and get it nailed!) Continue reading “Facebook to Reward Pages with Tight-Knit Communities”