Creating the Social Media Experience

Social Media Marketing has come a tremendously long way since it’s birth back in the late 90’s. In the beginning, it was a place to put content, where you could easily share it with friends, family or even the world if that was your goal. People thought it was a fad and that it would eventually go away. Twenty years later, (big shocker!) it’s still here. It’s here, but it looks far different than we could have ever imagined back then. It’s grown into a space for marketers to frolick and spy. (and I mean that in the best possible way) A place where they build relationships with their audience, all the while gathering detailed insight from this audience, then taking that insight back to their analytics lab, analyzing it for awhile and then going out to seek more individuals that can contribute to the fandom.

Your social channels make up your brand’s digital front-line.

So much has changed over the years, and for someone who is new to the social space, it’s very easy to get mixed up. Many business owners out there are finally realizing that social media isn’t going anywhere. It’s not just a trend, it’s not just something that the kids are playing on these days. (Although in many cases that is very true…but maybe your audience is those very kids? Chew on it for a minute…We have a local YouTube celebrity doing trampoline tricks and getting more impressions than you’d ever expect 10 years ago) You need to be where your audience is, and it’s important for you to know how to effectively get through to them. It’s tempting to get onto Facebook and Twitter and start posting all about yourself and your brand. What specials are running right now? How long will those tall rider boots be on sale? "Look at us! Look at our stuff! Look at our staff wearing our stuff!"


Who is your favorite brand? Think about them for just a few minutes, maybe go check them out on their social channels and take a look at what they’re currently doing. One of my favorite brands is Michael Kors. The clothes are of reasonable price, they fit my personality, I like the way I feel when I wear Michael Kors. But most of all, I think I truly love their marketing. Michael Kors doesn’t constantly tout off their in-store specials and internet sales. They don’t need to and let me show you why. Below is a screenshot of their Instagram bio and their three most recent posts:

Michael Kors integrates their social media strategy into their overall marketing strategy. Currently, the brand is leveraging what it knows about its audience and seasonality to truly resonate with them and make them wish that they were part of the scene too. << Who is their audience, and what is their lifestyle? Well, this time of year, much of them like to leave the cold winter in the dust and go off to Jamaica where it’s gorgeous. Wow, that definitely resonates with me! My best friend is on a beach in Jamaica right now and I’m very in the dust and SO jelly. (That’s "so jealous," for those of you whose target market isn’t under 25) Michael Kors, you totally nailed that. >>

"It’s all about destination dressing."

They then go on to create, through an entirely visual social media channel, how that looks as an experience. To truly resonate with your fans and your audience, you need to resonate with them in an authentic way. Use everything that you know about your audience, and turn that intel into a way to show them how you fit into their lifestyle. There are a lot of people out there in my community who find this feat to be very intimidating to execute on social media. This is why I’ve decided to freelance and utilize my own social media marketing knowledge and experience for good and not evil. I have a lot to share, and I want to help businesses get comfortable with entering the social scene, or even to revamp what they’re currently doing. If Instagram looks intimidating to you, I want to help. If you have no idea how to use Snapchat for your brand, I can help you learn and get comfortable with it. Let’s create a social experience for your brand! For consultations or workshop bookings, please send me a direct message! I’d love to talk to you about possibilities. If you have any questions or comments about today’s piece, please leave them in the section below!

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