Engaging As a "Brand" On Social Media

Don't be a Social Wallflower

Imagine this:

Your brand walks into a social gathering.

Who does it gravitate towards? What do they talk about? What is the tone of the conversation? Are they kinda silly or entirely buttoned-up?

Some brands are louder than others, some brands are quick and to-the-point. Every brand has its own culture and voice, and this is the very thing that you need to be portraying on social media channels. (Unless your brand is a wallflower….don’t be a wallflower)

The important thing to remember to do is to engage with like-minded accounts. Oh! And when I say “engage,” I actually mean have conversations…don’t just hit the “like” or heart button. TALK TO THEM.

Are you a winemaker? Engage with wine bloggers and wine influencers! Get people familiar with your label, so that they’ll be more likely to try it and tell their friends about you! Also engage with other labels and winemakers to help build your own legitimacy and expand your network. Too shy? Pour a glass. I promise it will help you feel more comfortable engaging. (as it will in any social setting!)

Are you a local nonprofit? Engage with other local organizations and businesses who have direct (and indirect) ties to your cause! Leverage your social media channels to educate these organizations about why your cause can be utilized as a resource to their customers/audience.

The more you engage on social media with accounts that are even remotely related to your industry or cause, the more visible you become in not only your digital, but also your physical community.

Your social media channels are an opportunity to continually showcase your brand’s personality, voice and story. It shouldn’t be under-utilized!

Social Media Marketing truly does follow the same sort of formula that any other social gathering does. Brands are expected to engage with like-minded brands in order to grow their “circle.” All of those networking events that you go to on a monthly basis? That’s you representing your brand in person!

So get out there and make friends! Get out of your comfort zone, get chatty. But DON’T BE A WALLFLOWER.

If you have additional thoughts, comments or questions, please send me a message or place them in the comment section below!

As always, thanks for reading! -Jen

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