Exploring Instagram Albums!

If you’ve been scrolling through Instagram at all this afternoon, you’re probably starting to notice a super exciting new feature!
Today, Instagram announced on their blog that they’d be rolling out a new capability for users to upload up to TEN images in one post, as an "Instagram Album." If you’re familiar with uploading photo albums to Facebook, it’s basically the same routine, with a couple of little differences simply because they are two different platforms
To begin, just act as if you want to post a photo to your account. Once you do this, you will now notice that the "Select Multiple" option has been added next to the option to use Layouts. (you can see this in the screenshot below)

From here, you are able so select the images that you would like to include in this single post. Extra tip: Make sure to select them in the order that you would like for them to scroll! In my first album post, I wanted my post to have a chronological flow. My post began with an image of the headline off of Instagram’s blog post, then I included a selfie of my reaction to the news. Following the selfie I took a photo of my Canva page while I was creating the above graphic, and then I included the finalized graphic image as my fourth and final image for the post..

Also note that the first image you select in the series will be your "cover." This is the image/thumbnail that shows up on your gallery page. You might also notice that this cover image shows up on your gallery page with a "series icon" on the top right corner to indicate to your visitors that this is a scroll-able album.
Question: What’s even cooler than being able to add multiple images in one post on Instagram? Answer: the ability to include videos!!
So now, go forth and post amazing images! This is an excellent opportunity for brands and marketers to really showcase polished-up accounts of different moments and experiences. I truly believe fans are going to love this, so be sure to get creative and find consistent and intriguing ways to capture anything from a series of lattes, to a fun day in the field.
Happy gramming!

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