Facebook to Reward Pages with Tight-Knit Communities

tight-knit facebook community

The days of striving for “likes” on our Facebook posts is essentially over. (Hopefully, “likes” are not the only thing you’ve been striving for this whole time though, right?)

Late last week Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, made an announcement basically stating that likes on a post will no longer be given as much weight when it comes to boosting a post in the eyes of the Facebook algorithm. Nope, it’s going to require quite a bit more engagement for users to see your posts. (But don’t worry, this will be rolling out of the next few months…there’s plenty of time to get some practice in and get it nailed!)

So what does this mean? We took to our knowledgeable community to get some solid perspectives:

Lowell Brown of Going Social stated:

“I think it is really going to be interesting to see what happens. Are people going to start posting more using personal profiles? If they do that may work for a short time but it will also make Facebook a noisier platform than it already is. This approach also will not work for every business anyways.

I think there will also start to be some backlash from people not as much in the know about all these changes. Similarly, people may abandon the platform altogether – and that can have an impact on the Facebooks Ads platform down the road. What also will be interesting is seeing what companies start to do with other platforms. If Facebook is no longer a place to focus as much attention, will that mean the focus turns to more activity on platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram & Snapchat?

What I think is most important for businesses is to look back at the fundamentals of Social Media Marketing again; that being on Connections and Conversations. I have seen many businesses who regularly use social media to broadcast anything and everything in hopes of gaining traffic, sales leads and more.

If we focus on how we can build connections, foster those connections and regularly engage with leads and current customers – that’s how business will grow and that’s how companies should alter their use of social media – on almost every platform.”

Lowell makes some wonderful points here, and the point I’d really like to hone in on is when he talks about brands possibly abandoning the platform together.

Folks, abandoning Facebook is not the answer! Instead of giving up on your audience, why don’t you feed them more of what they crave about your brand? Include them in decisions! Go live on

Facebook more often to let them in on new things that are happening in your company/industry! Exiting Facebook isn’t the answer here. Striving to feed and nurture your community is.

Next, we have a brilliant thought from Kelly Noble Mirabella of Stellar Media Marketing:

“For a long time, too many people relied heavily on Facebook. Diversification, content marketing on our own platforms, email marketing and ads are going to be more and more important. If anyone is surprised by this, they have been living in denial.”

Kelly, while not recommending that we abandon Facebook altogether, does mention that we should certainly NOT have all of eggs in one basket. Sure, Facebook is a great place to inform our community and engage with them, but we can’t forget that we have so many other outlets available to share our brand’s happenings. Email marketing, Google Ads and other social media platforms are also very viable places to put marketing efforts into. The world is not ending because Facebook is changing its algorithm (again.)

Finally, we gain some excellent insight from Amanda Robinson of Social Savvy Society:

“My take on Facebook’s coming algorithm changes? I think it will benefit all of us by keeping this a quality platform in the long run.

Advice: Take your own social media (and client’s pages) off of auto-pilot. If you have post after post after post pumping out from a scheduled system with little to no engagement, then that lack of engagement may start working against you.”

Amanda nails it on the head here. We have GOT to start putting better (and more) thought into what kind of content we are sharing! What kind of content is already evoking conversations on your pages? What kind of content gets absolutely no engagement at all? Start paying close attention to these things.

The important part to focus on here is that Facebook is going to be looking for posts that strike up conversations not only between the brand and it’s followers, but conversations happening amongst the followers themselves too. The point here is that Facebook is striving to build stronger connections between humans. Your page can be a hub for such connections!

Should your brand create a linked Facebook Group? It’s not a bad idea! Facebook groups tend to foster and naturally encourage more organic conversations. Yeah, it’s going to require more time devoted to content planning, but isn’t having a stronger connection with your followers in the end worth the effort?

After all, we all originally got on Facebook for the sole purpose of connecting with other humans.

Thanks for reading and please leave any of your questions/concerns/thoughts in the comment section below! Or feel free to email us at info@depict-media.com

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