How Do You Innovate to Break Through the Noise?

how does your brand innovate

Social Media Marketing isn’t the only industry that changes every single day. As business owners in general, it’s important to be able to know how to stand out from your competition and truly “wow” your customers and potential fans.

Sure, keeping an eye on what the competition is doing is one of the smartest ways to stay on top of your own marketing efforts, but it shouldn’t boil down to that alone. Your audience is different, your culture is different, and your voice sure better be different as well.

So what happens when you run out of ideas to set your brand apart from the rest? First off, get out of your own head. From there, it gets a little more fun.

We tend to go in some pretty ridiculous circles when we get stuck inside of our own minds, overthinking every idea that comes to mind. Instead, a better idea would be to make a list of the ideas (whether they’re terrible or great.) You never know when a “terrible” idea could sprout into something absolutely amazing. So write it all down and revisit it later.

Another helpful thing that typically helps is collaboration! The work that can spawn from putting creative and entrepreneurial minds together can be tremendous. Where your “terrible” idea may have started off being not-so-great, it might just end up being the root of something phenomenal, if you put enough minds together over the idea. After all, collaboration is far better than competition!

Looking for more ways to break through those creative barriers? Well, if you live in or around Wichita, KS, you’re certainly in luck! It just so happens that Digital Wichita is hosting a pretty phenomenal event on April 19th that you surely won’t want to miss!

Enter Duncan Wardle.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with who Duncan Wardle is, let me catch you up. Duncan worked for Disney for 30 years in different capacities, but his final position with the company was as VP of Innovation. Think this guy might have something to say about how to break down those creative barriers? Welp, you’re right.

Duncan recently gave a truly inspirational workshop at the world-renowned Social Media Marketing World conference put on by Social Media Examiner last month, and he’s coming to Wichita to give an even deeper dive into the concepts.

Karen Cundiff, Marketing Director at Transitions Group, attended Duncan’s workshop at Social Media Marketing World last month and had wonderful things to say about it. “I recently attended Duncan Wardle’s 90-minute workshop at Social Media Marketing World 2018 in San Diego. I was blown away by the takeaways I received and successfully put into action the following week at our quarterly Operations Meeting. His teamwork tools were transformative and I saw more engagement and interaction (and real innovative productivity) than at any previous meeting!”

Angie Prather of Wichita Regional Chamber of Commerce also attended the workshop at Social Media Marketing World. Based on what she experienced from the session, she says: “Plan to bring an open mind and an empty notebook to the Duncan Wardle’s workshop in Wichita. At the end of the day they’ll both be filled with inspirational ideas for energizing your organization’s creative process. He’s a captivating presenter who has overseen some of the most memorable and innovative projects at Walt Disney Co. Wardle breaks it all down for you so your team can amplify your creativity and improve your delivery of tangible results.”

Recently, DepICT Media had the sublime honor of hosting Duncan on our Wednesday Facebook Live show, Midweek (ish) Talk. Duncan delved into his own professional story and told some impeccable stories about his time at Disney, involving Thanksgiving Turkey pardons by Presidents Bush and Obama, as well as comic space shuttle launches. Here is the replay of our time with Duncan:

We’re very excited to see what Duncan is going to bring to Wichita! If you’ve been to his website at all, you’ve already come across a few creative tactics of his, and you probably have a pretty solid idea already of why it’s so important to effectively break down your own barriers to innovation. We all owe it to ourselves as business owners to constantly be improving our own efforts.

While he’s in Wichita, Duncan will be providing a full-day workshop, beginning at 8am and ending at 5:30pm at the beautiful new MarkArts gallery. This workshop will be very hands-on and immediately applicable upon completion of the material.

Interested in upping your own innovation game? Come see and learn from Duncan himself at Digital Wichita’s Innovation Workshop with Duncan Wardle. This workshop will undoubtedly help you to “think different.” You can snag your tickets here!

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