Messenger Marketing: Engage While You Sleep!

messenger marketing

Let’s face it, social media engagement should be at the top of your digital marketing priority list if it isn’t already. Why is this, you ask? The answer is simply because your community expects you to be. They crave to know more about you, and the more content and interaction you give them, the more valuable you are to them and the stronger your connection to them will grow.

The recurring problem in a busy marketer’s life is a constant lack of time. We always here that we need to post constantly (but don’t post crap,) that we need to constantly be engaging (but not simple one or two-word responses,) that we need to be on this channel or that channel (but really… where does your audience truly hang out?) There is a lot that goes into digital marketing and social media strategy, but luckily there are tools such as Agorapulse, ManyChat and TubeBuddy out there that make this so much easier.

But what is something that we seriously never get enough of? True answer: SLEEP.

That’s right. Social media and digital marketing never sleeps. Luckily, you don’t really need to worry about your strategy in lieu of sleeping if you have a stealthy messenger marketing strategy in place!

Ok ok, so what exactly is messenger marketing?

Messenger Marketing is a way of communicating with your fans/followers/audience via direct messaging channels, which can be automated to a certain extent, hence improving a page’s response time and solving problems faster so that admins can live a life outside of their screen. Sound heavenly? It gets better.

Last month, Depict Media officially achieved Messenger Marketing Expert Status with ManyChat, meaning that we know messenger marketing inside and out. As of right now, we have several chatbots built for our own Facebook Messenger that do things from lead generation, customer service problem-solving, and broadcasting new pieces of content that we produce. If you happened to meet us a couple of weeks ago at Social Media Marketing World, you most likely scanned our Messenger Code and took a selfie with us. This served the purpose of staying in contact with the people we met at the conference, thus also replacing the traditional business card. So much more efficient!

So how does this save you sleep time?

If you set it up the right way, you don’t need to be present to answer your Facebook direct messages. The secret to this is already knowing what your audience needs to know from you. What are your business hours? Where are you located? How much are your services? What is your return policy? Do you offer catering services? What’s your happy hour special? When is your next speaking engagement?

If you anticipate and build answers to these questions through ManyChat, then you are literally (and metaphorically) serving your fan base WHILE YOU SLEEP.

Wanna see what it looks like? Here’s kind of an insider example of what the process can look like:

This is an example bot put together for a pet store. So, what’s happening here is a simple registration process for a pet-grooming class that could only accept 20 attendees. In this flow, the bot checks to see if the person is already registered. If they’re already registered, it sends them a follow-up email and gives them directions to the store. If they’re not already registered, it prompts them to register then sends them the follow-up email. If the class fills up, it puts interested attendees on a waitlist for the next class. (all while the pet store owner is either away from their office or sleeping soundly through the night)

Sound enticing? Then you definitely need to learn more about ManyChat and what it can do for your brand. When you’re ready to dive into messenger marketing for your business, let us help you set up your ManyChat account. After that, we can talk more about the benefits and options that are available to truly make this work for you and your sleep cycles.

We look forward to hearing from you! -Jen

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