My Top 5 Influencers

There are many things that I keep in mind when managing social media for my clients, as well as for my own personal brand. When curating content, I think about what my followers would want to see. When publishing content, I consider what time of day my followers are online and which platforms they use. On days when I don’t feel up to the task, I think about how far ahead my competition will be if I don’t snap out of it and get stuff done. It’s always important to have a reason and a motive, and I wouldn’t be able to do anything successfully without paying close attention to and learning from the people who inspire me. (especially as a solopreneur) So who are these individuals? Let me introduce them to you!Brian Fanzo – I’ve been following Brian on Twitter for maybe a couple of years. He consistently and unapologetically insists that marketers "think like a fan," and I always keep this in the forefront of my mind when I’m curating or designing social media content. You have to appeal to your target audience in order to get anywhere on social media. And you have to do it authentically, not in a sales-y, megaphone-y way. Oh! And you have to interact with them. It is social media, you know!
Jenn Herman – Jenn’s blog about Instagram marketing constantly brings me validation. I use that word because I usually think a lot like she does about certain things, but she has the guts to go ahead and put it on her blog. Yeah, she might be subjective a little bit of the time, but I love that about her writing. She writes with purpose and she’s very good at being the devil’s advocate about certain social media issues. (recently the topic has been Instagram Stories vs. Snapchat) Instagram is my favorite platform and I’ve learned a great deal from her about how to effectively post and how to appeal to my target audiences.
Jay Baer – My favorite thing that I’ve taken away from Jay’s perspective on social media is his mantra "hug your haters." This also goes back to authenticity. Yes, there will always be trolls on social media who are trying to take you down. Instead of ignoring them, face them head on and find a way to mutually solve a problem. By doing this, you will show your potential customer that you care about what they think and that you are dedicated to improving your work and addressing constructive feedback.
Gary Vaynerchuk – Remember in the intro when I mentioned something about procrastinating? Yeah… this guy brings me back from that. I have my days when I just want to sit on my couch and watch Netflix and play Candy Crush. But I keep my #AskGaryVee book out on my side table in my living room (in plain sight) for the sole purpose of thwarting off that temptation. Gary Vee is the king of hustle. He’s painfully successful and I have no idea when the guy sleeps. But that kind of dedication to his work has caused him to reap amazing benefits. He inspires me to increase my motivation and produce the highest quality of work I possibly can. He also inspires me to keep learning, every single day.
Mike Stelzner – As many of you know, I do some community management work for Social Media Examiner. Mike is the Founder and CEO of SME, and that alone is hugely inspiring to me. However, Mike demonstrates every single week a very technical understanding of all things social media. Like Gary Vee, Mike also inspires me to keep learning every single day. He not only founded the most up-to-date social media resource, but he continues to live it and learn with the rest of us every single minute. He’s an amazing leader and a phenomenal example for any entrepreneur.
You have to have passion in order to do great at whatever it is that you do. I find that these individuals help fuel my passion, and I don’t think I would be as driven to give 110% if I didn’t have role models like them. Their words and mantras constantly burn in the back of my brain. So now the question is… who inspires you to do better in life and in business?

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