Perspective: A Social Media Marketing Outsider

Perspective: A Social Media Marketing Outsider

{ this post is an original piece written by Backspace Media (Now DepICT Media) Intern Maddie Mann }

We have all heard it. “There’s a first time for everything.” Sappy but true and social media marketing is no different. Being the new person to the game is all around overwhelming and stressful.

I am the perfect advocate for this. I am a high school intern for Backspace Media. When I came to this internship my first day I felt like everything Jen said went right over my head. That day is such a blur to me now because I was overwhelmed and didn’t pick up a single thing. I remember she used the word “organic” to describe a post that you don’t put money behind and I thought she was talking about her diet or something.

So how did I finally figure it out??

Well obviously Jen was a huge help. The beginning of my internship was lots of watching and taking notes. I also read a lot of blogs to get other marketers thoughts on certain matters. My personal favorite blogs include Andrew and Pete, Peg Fitzpatrick, and Brian Fanzo. The reason I like these blogs is because they get to the point. So many blogs will circle the same point for paragraphs upon paragraphs.

Your time is way too precious to listen to the same thing over and over.

When you’re learning you should read a blog and then whatever questions you have you should write down as you read. When you are done reading go get answers to those questions. If those answers bring up more questions keep going. It is all a part of the process. Any questions you can’t find? Ask! Most social media marketers would be more than happy to answer whatever questions you have on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook (like Jen Cole).

Once you start to get the concept, go find good and bad examples!

Be sure to pay attention to other companies. Whether you are a social media marketer or not you can tell if an account is being ran well or just existing. Pay attention to the ones that are being ran well. How do they stand out? How do they interact with comments? How is their tone on social media? Don’t copy everything they do but take it into consideration when managing your own accounts.

“I don’t have time for all this!”

Social media marketing can be time consuming. At first it can be but once it gets going it becomes second nature. The hardest part is the beginning because that is when your brand needs the most attention. That is when you are following people who follow you, posting a lot to spread word about what you do, interacting with everyone you follow.

It can be a lot of work but it is worth it. By interacting with other accounts and spending a given amount of time each day promoting your business on social media you are slowly getting into the habit of social media marketing. As you create this habit you see that tweets and Facebook posts you used to overthink when writing become second nature. You become more relaxed and more yourself on your accounts just by having experience.

“I feel weird trying to talk about my brand like this.”

Some people bring up the point that they feel silly or awkward when putting themselves out there to post about their brand. I did too. Jen Cole is really into going live and my first live video with her had me feeling super uncomfortable. I had sweaty palms, I was super stiff, and not once did I look at the camera. According to Brian Fanzo there is not a lot you can do for this fear but to just “push the damn button.” You get more comfortable as you practice more. Now when Jen randomly tells me we are “going live” somewhere I am totally comfortable and fine. With more experience you will have no problem putting yourselves out there.

Being a social media outsider is confusing and hard but practice does make perfect. I have been in this internship for four weeks now and I am nowhere near an expert but I have learned a lot. Everyone understands the feeling of being the newbie because at some point everyone was the newbie. The best social media marketers that we look up to were most likely just as scared to put themselves out there. But with time and practice it will become second nature. Watching, learning, and practicing are the simplest ways to get into social media marketing.

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