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At DepICT Media, we manage a large amount of social media strategy and content creation for local events.

For those of you who don’t have experience in the event world, one thing you must understand is that time NEVER stands still, and the event is coming whether your bases are completely covered or not.

Social listening and social media engagement are two of the most important facets to strong social media marketing strategy. If you’re going to be on social media, you need to BE on social media. This can be challenging when we’re on the road as much as we’ve been in the last several months! So how have we been able to stay on top of all of our client’s social strategies?
For the sake of our sanity and the satisfaction of our client base, we use a MAGICAL tool called Agorapulse to manage, listen and engage with our communities, even when we’re on the go!

Let me walk you through some of the amazing features that come along with our Agorapulse dashboard:

Hashtag Monitoring

Most of the events that we manage social media strategy for have a designated event hashtag that they use to monitor what people are tweeting about during the event itself — before, during and after the event. Within the Agorapulse dashboard, it’s easy to set up a social listening column for specific hashtags,making it easy for you to monitor hashtag activity regularly and without even logging onto Twitter. Here’s a peek at what the setup looks like:

We love this feature because it makes it so easy for us to see what people are saying about the event itself and to interact with them accordingly, and to even provide customer support in-real-time, when needed!

Saved Replies

When working within the events realm, you start to see many people asking the same questions over and over, and they usually appreciate a response in a very timely manner. (especially if the question is coming from Twitter) This is where Agorapulse’s “saved replies” feature really comes in handy!

Creating saved replies within Agorapulse is very simple. Think about all of the questions that you are already answering out in the community and online. From there, it’s quite easy to make a list of saved replies that will help speed up the answering process. Here’s a snippet of what it looks like to create one:

The first thing you want to do when creating a saved reply is to title it with something that will be topical and easy to recognize for the situation that best fits your future response. Then, type in a lively, yet semi-generic response that could fit almost any instance for when that topic comes up. (you can always edit the actual response that you’re going to send before you’re completely finished if the saved reply doesn’t perfectly fit) Then hit “create” and you’re on your way to faster response times!


Events move very quickly, and it’s easy to get caught up in the moment while also trying to handle in-real-time social media posts. For this very situation, Agorapulse provides the perfect way to get a chunk of your work done before the event even occurs!

One thing that we always like to make sure that we do prior to the events that we manage social media for is to schedule our “day of” announcement posts, such as sponsor thank you’s and speaker announcements, that way everyone who is supposed to be acknowledged during the event truly does get acknowledged. Then, this frees us up to be able to create and manage real-time event-related content while the other stuff posts on virtual “auto-pilot.”

Scheduling posts is as simple as going under your Publishing tab of your dashboard, finding and clicking on the little paper plane icon on the publishing date, and then proceeding to craft your copy, add in any images, and schedule the post. Here’s what it looks like:

Monitoring Your Mentions:

Sometimes when it comes to event monitoring, people prefer to @-mention the event host without including the event hashtag. Agorapulse makes monitoring circumstances such as this very easy, simply by keeping an eye on your Inbox tab within the dashboard.

It’s extremely helpful to already have an engagement plan lined out to coincide with the interactions that you’ll be creating and implementing through your social media channels. We absolutely recommend responding to every mention of your brand with either a comment, or at the very least, a “like.”

Brands that stay engaged with their followers and the people who are talking about them build stronger online communities, that typically translate to higher sales and a more positive affinity for the brand itself. We love that Agorapulse makes it so easy!

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