The #InspireMondayMinute Show


If you haven’t heard yet, every Monday, I’ll be bringing you a new episode from my #InspireMondayMinute Show. The purpose of this show is to bring to you small snackable content that is quick and easy to watch and will hopefully teach you something or leave you inspired.

I also look forward to growing this show with you. This means that if there is a topic you want to know more about, share it with me. If it is a topic I know enough about, I’ll do a show on it. If it isn’t a topic I know enough about, I’ll look into doing an extended version of the show with a guest who does know more on that topic.

Social Media is changing rapidly and the face of social media today will be different tomorrow. Leaning to develop your content and your strategy around these changes is the key to standing out amongst all of the other noises out there.

Below you can watch episode 1 and episode 2 of the #InspireMondayMinute Show.

I will warn you that episode 1 was not planned, it was filmed live and then uploaded afterwards. It is pretty rough. 🙂 But transparency is something I want to always provide to my audience so I am sharing it here in this post instead of hiding it.

However, episode 2 is planned, and somewhat produced. Leaning the editing side of things is something I look forward to growing and getting better at this show.

So if you want to see the bad and the more improved, then watch both episode 1 and 2. But if you want to jump straight into some good informative content then go directly to episode 2.

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