The Power Behind Your Social Profile Bio

Your social bio holds some powers that you may not realize! Remember, your social media profiles are the digital frontline of your brand. This is where people come to get answers about who you are and what you have to offer them! You don’t want to leave them hanging, or worse, go find something else that is more clearly defined, do you?
This blog post is meant to help you brainstorm ways that you can allow your social bios to resonate more with future (and even current) fans.
Let’s tap into those creative juices now:
How do you introduce yourself when you’re meeting someone in person? Do you present yourself in a certain way so that people might be compelled to keep talking to you and in turn connect with you later, or do you offer them only the bare minimum of who you really are?
It’s a cliche thing to say, but first impressions do make an enormous difference on how you and your brand are perceived.
Think further:
What do you wear to networking events? Do you dress to represent your brand? Do you wear a certain pair of shoes that stand out with your outfit? Do you have a signature item that everyone knows you by? Yes, these are all part of personal marketing strategy, but it’s imperative that you think about your social bio in the same way.

Your social bio is often the first impression that people get from your brand online, whether you ask for it or not.
You need to utilize this in order to stand out and be memorable! What does your company do? Where are you located? By any chance, might any emojis line up with your brand? These are all things that can make your bio truly memorable. Bring your bio to life! These are also things that answer immediate questions for people who might be interested in following you and learning more about you! That being said, you need to stand out from the noise. Treat your social bio like you treat your professional wardrobe.
Think about this for a minute: what sets you apart from other competitors in your industry? First off, steer clear from claiming that it’s customer service, because everyone and their Grandma claims that they’re good at customer service.
What truly sets you apart? Maybe you’re the only company in your market that has a certain certification? "Nationally certified in awesomeness!" Maybe you’re a restaurant whose recipes are all made from local sources, including the coffee you serve? "Locally sourced down to the coffee!" What if you’re the only place in town with a huge chicken on your roof? "Topped with a giant chicken!" Whatever this golden item is that makes you different from the rest is something you need to include in your social bio.
So let’s break this down. Here are four things you MUST include in your social bio, no matter whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
Four MUST-HAVES for your bio:
1. What you do
2. What sets you apart
4. Website
We covered the first two things pretty thoroughly already, but we really should cover location and website as well!
Location is imperative to include, especially if you’re a small-to-medium-sized business. People want to know where you are! If you’re local, people might even be more compelled to follow you simply for that reason. If you’re a bakery, for instance, this could encourage more locals to check you out simply by including where you’re located in your bio! Proximity can make a pretty big difference to a lot of people. Leaving your location out of your bio can lead to missed opportunity. Simply include your city and state, and that’s often enough!
Last but ABSOLUTELY NOT LEAST is your website. People are going to want to learn more about you if you do all of this right, and they’re going to want a website to visit. Sure, social media profiles set the precedent for who you are, but websites house all of the heavier details about your business, such as contact info and product/service details. Don’t leave a link to your website off of your bio! Once again, this could lead to a load of missed opportunity.
Social media profile bios are often underestimated, but this doesn’t have to be you! Hopefully this article has inspired you to take another look at your own social profiles and has encouraged you to change it up a little bit. If nothing else, your fans will appreciate some fresh details about your business/brand!
If you have comments or something to add to this, please drop a comment below! Also, if you’d like to contact me directly to talk about this in further detail, please send me a message. I’d love to chat with you!
As always, thanks for reading! -Jen

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