Top 5 Favorite Social Media Tools

favorite social tools

There are tons of various tools someone in social media can use…..and it can be easy to get overwhelmed on finding the right tools to use. The trick is to find what works for you. Because what works for one business and person may not work for the next.

Each of my Top 5 favorite tools serves a different purpose. I easily could spend all day talking about video tools alone. But for this purpose, I wanted to give you my top 5 favorites each from a different category.

1. Scheduling Buffer

For Facebook scheduling, I prefer to use Facebook’s internal scheduling tool. Before Facebook implemented their own scheduling tool, it was necessary to use a third party tool. But now that Facebook has added in their own scheduling feature, I find that it is the best one to use.

Twitter however has not implemented their own scheduling. For twitter scheduling, I prefer to use Buffer. Buffer will work will all major social media platforms, however I personally only use it for


Buffer has a desktop site, an app for your phone, and a browser plugin. This makes accesabilty and usage very convenient.

Buffer is free for one social account, and then $10 per month for up to 10 accounts. There is a business feature that has more data and features, but most people will find that either the free or the $10 month option is all they need.

Instagram will not allow you use a scheduling tool of any kind (that I am aware of). The way that Instagram scheduling works, is to send you a text message to your phone with the picture and copy that you plan to use. You can then save the picture to your phone and copy your message to your clipboard. Open instagram, upload the photo and paste the message. Within Buffer, you can set specific times of the day that you want your posts to go out. As you find content you want to post onto your Buffer account, you you choose to “Buffer” it and it will find the next available time slot and automatically place it there. You can also rearrange your posts as needed and shift your schedules around.

Using the browser plugin means that you can also just click the icon anytime you are on a website that has information that you want to share onto your social accounts It will shorten your URL links automatically and grab any pictures from the website that need to go with the post.

2. Graphic Design Canva

My second go to app to use is Canva.

Canva is a great program to use when you need to create graphics, but you are not a full blown graphic designer working in photoshop.

Some of the best features of canva are that you can quickly and easily create the right image for the platform you are working in. The images are pre-sized with templates for each commonly used social media image sizes.

You can upload your own photos or use one of their many stock photos available for free or for a small fee. Canva also has an extensive Design School program where you can get to know the program, and learn tips and tricks to make your graphics look even more professional.

Canva is free, or you can upgrade to “Canva for Work” for $12.95 a month. This allows you to save your own brand fonts, brand colors and create templates that are brand specific. You also have access to more stock photos that do not require an additional purchase.

3. Video Animoto

With Animoto, you can quickly and easily create professional slideshow and marketing videos.

There is a free version, however you will have the Animoto logo on your videos with this version. The first paid level is $22/month paid annually.

With the paid versions, you can use your own logo, have access to 70+ design-rich video styles, and get 20+ premium video styles, and create square videos (1:1) or landscape (16:9). If you didn’t catch my message last week, video is at the top of the line for social media importance right now. By 2019, approximately 80% of all online content consumed will be video. So implementing video tools into your marketing now will help you to get going in the right direction.

4. Organization Trello

For quick simple organization of thoughts, calendars, to do and more, I use Trello. This tool has a desktop version and an app. You can invite other’s to join certain boards and collaborate together. Cards can be quickly moved around, organized into categories and archived when done.

If you’re super organized, you can also color code your lists and really get a good view of what needs to be done.

5. Communication Slack

When you have a team that you need to communicate with, slack is a quick simple way to communicate. This is perfect if you are in the same office, or if you remote work. Messages stay organized on boards and don’t get lost in your email. There is a desktop version and an app. You can add certain team members to certain boards, upload images and videos that can be downloaded by others for use, and direct message members. The phone notifications help to ensure that you don’t miss any important messages.

Make sure to join me next week for my #InspireMonday and as always, if there is a topic you want to see on the show, share it with me in the comments. If you have a favorite can’t live without tool, I’d love to hear it and see what it is that you use.

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