Twitter Kisses Brevity Good-bye

is brevity for the birds

Is brevity for the birds?

Ironically enough, yes brevity might actually be quite moot these days on Twitter, despite the fact that this has been the beauty of the platform ever since its launch in March 2006.

Hours ago, an article on Tech Crunch confirmed that Twitter has in fact rolled out the 280 character limit to all Twitter users. That’s right, they DOUBLED the amount of characters that a single tweet can contain. Is it here to stay? Yep, it looks like it is.

What once was a platform known for an easy scan of what’s going on in the world and industry around us, is now very similar to Facebook and Instagram, as it allows for lengthier amounts of text.

What do these tweets actually look like? Let me show you some examples:

What once was a stream of quick, snippy headlines and one-liners now has the potential to become overly-saturated with extra insights and longer scrolling times. While this isn’t “the end of the world,” it certainly shifts the reality of the user experience on the platform.

Sure, I realize that the potential for good is absolutely there…but to me, the whole appeal of Twitter has been the “craft” of the headline + link + photo + emojis + hashtags all being wonderfully woven together into a brief, to-the-point piece of mini-content. “Content-to-go,” if you will!

This was something that Twitter offered that no other platform does; brevity was the essence of Twitter.

Very soon after reading Tech Crunch’s article (three times to make sure I had my facts correct,) I took to broadcasting my reaction via Facebook Live. You can catch that video here:

It’s safe to say that I was quite taken aback by the news, but am truly trying to accept the change and move on with being productive and innovative on the platform. I’m sure there will be many benefits to this, so I’m excited to see what those pan out to be. What do YOU see as being the biggest benefits and drawbacks of this new Twitter feature?

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