What’s More Exciting Than LIVE Collaboration?

The purpose of social media is to build connections and community. It’s a reliable way for brands to get to know their fans in a new and intimate manner, and it’s the ultimate chance to show your target demographic why your brand/product fits into their natural habitat or lifestyle. Social channels, if used the right way, can showcase any brand as a resource for their ideal. audience.
Wouldn’t you agree that nothing builds a strong community like spending quality time together? I mean, let’s be honest…a Facebook "like" will never actually replace a hug or a fist bump.
So why don’t we carve out some time in our schedules to hang out and talk?
That’s right: I want some good, solid face time with you! Not only that, though…I want to give your business a plug.
Today I excitedly announced Backspace Media’s brand new Facebook Live series: Happy Hour with Backspace LIVE! Each week, Backspace Media will be hosting a special guest to talk about their own efforts with social media marketing and how it’s tied into their own marketing strategy. What’s worked for them? What hasn’t worked? What are they afraid to try? Some weeks we’ll even dive deeper into a more topical feel, such as Instagram Marketing or Influencer Marketing Strategies.
Here’s my official announcement, made via Facebook Live today: