Who’s Driving Your Online Community?

Whether it be literal or figurative, the manners in which your brand demonstrates customer service is a large driver in your brand reputation, on and offline. Does your brand honestly care about it’s fans and community, or are they just constantly trying to make the quick dollars? This post is going to compare the outcomes of the two approaches. Read along for a fun little lesson in public relations!
So tell me: who would you rather get in a vehicle with? To begin with, consider the fact that this is an individual that you are quite literally trusting with your life, safety and well-being with.
In the same manner, the individuals who are driving your brand reputation (typically customer service reps and other front-line personnel) contribute the most to your how your brand is viewed across the board. Angry customers are just one tweet away from making your slip-up quite public…and it’s all in how your brand decides to handle it from there that truly makes all the difference.
Who has the bad rap right now? Well, Uber has most definitely had it’s struggles over the past few months, but they’re going to some large lengths to fix this, starting with company culture. We do better work when we’re happy in our occupation, right? I’d say Ollie B, a guy who "raps in his spare time," demonstrates this well: