Why "Backspace?"

As we’ve been moving forward with Backspace Media, a common question seems to sneak into a lot of client conversations:
"Why ‘Backspace?’"
The answer is 100% personal, and it’s something that I’ve just always said under my breath when trying to write a new blog post, whether it be personal or professional.
"There’s always backspace."
Sometimes I’ll get the most debilitating writers’ block… I know that I need to get something out there, but I just have no inspiration or drive to write. This is when I utter these three magic words, "There’s always backspace." It takes off the pressure of the task ahead of me. It allows me to remember that even if all I get accomplished is a simple outline, that’s ok because I can always go back and edit.
So how does this fit into what Backspace Media does?
Social media marketing changes almost every single day. As a social media marketing professional, it’s very important to be flexible and nimble, open to change and extremely adaptable. There really is no other way to be successful in this industry than to keep that mindset.
Last week Instagram made a GINORMOUS change to its platform, allowing for individuals to post up to TEN photos/videos in a single post. This was unprecedented and threw many marketers for a loop. However, in order to stay in the good graces of the platform, many of us know that "early adoption" is a surefire way to stay ahead with Facebook/Instagram. (You do realize that Facebook owns Instagram, right?)
As social media marketers, we need to be flexible. We have to constantly know how to stay ahead of those pesky algorithms and website crawlers. (Actually, they’re not "pesky", they’re put in place with your audience in mind.)
Blog posts sometimes can be daunting, but they’re pretty much necessary to help build up your Google credibility. Bots crawl our sites all the time, trying to figure out what we’re all about. The best way to demonstrate our specialties is to create original content, and lots of it! The more we can demonstrate to Google and the Search Gods that we know what we’re talking about and we’re not just some spammy website, the higher we’ll rank in search! (So this means that you need to be optimizing keywords and meta-tagging images, etc! Don’t know how to do that? I can help… wink wink)
It’s hard to get started on blog posts sometimes. And this is when that lovely mantra "There’s always backspace" comes into play. YOU CAN ALWAYS EDIT! That’s the beauty of the internet and proper website maintenance. Ok ok, sometimes people (trolls) like to take screenshots and shun us all when we get things wrong, but please don’t think too much about that. That adds an unhelpful dimension of pressure, and you just have to remember that haters really are purely there to hate. Let them exude that energy, and in the meantime, just show them up. There’s always backspace, and there’s always a time and place to authentically own up to mistakes. We all make them.
So, in a nutshell, that’s "why Backspace."

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