Why "Inspire Social Media?"

When I began to think about starting my own social media consulting business, I knew how I wanted to run my business, and what services I wanted to offer. But I was stuck on what to call myself. It’s no surprise that when asking business owners what they struggled with when starting their business, many of them will say their name. It is the face of your business. It is what people call you, and search for you online. It affects your Twitter and Instagram name and shapes your business in many ways.

I sat do

wn with a friend over a beer and began to brainstorm names. We had a list of them…I ran them through search engines and social media, trying to see which ones were used and which ones were available.
I played with variations of the names and asked opinions of friends and family.
Many of them just didn’t speak to me.
As I was sitting

in my living room frustrated and struggling, I remember my husband looking at me and saying “sometimes the answer is right in front of you.” As I looked up, I saw a sign we have hanging on our wall. It simply says “inspire.”

Inspire is somet

hing I try to live by. Find inspiration in the world around you; it is actually pretty easy if you slow down and look. The problem is, most people are so caught up in their day-to-day lives that they forget to be inspired.
That became the start of “Inspire Social.” Only I quickly ran into a problem. @inspiresocial and @inspire_social were both taken on Twitter. @inspiresocialllc and @inspiresocialict were both 1 character too long.
After an afternoon of trying different variations, I decided to change my name to “Inspire Media.” @inspiremediaict was available, so I grabbed those handles on social media.
I had my graphic designer working on my logo, and he decided he didn’t like the way it looked with just “Inspire Media” so he made it “Inspire Social Media.” I immediately knew that this was it. It was complete and right. It spoke not only to me and my beliefs but to who I wanted to be as a business.

So as I said before, the premise behind Inspire Social media is to find purpose and reason behind what you do, be inspired by others, and be inspiring. Social media should be fun and more than just a means to push your product or service onto potential customers. It should be a place to build your brand, build a community and engage with your followers. Give them a reason to follow you and a reason to come back. If you don’t have a purpose behind what you are doing online, your followers will see this and stop following you.
So get out there and be inspiring!
And remember to follow me on social. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @InspireMediaICT

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